What’s the Variance Amongst Presenting, Training and Facilitating?

There are 3 key types of remaining in entrance of a team: presenting, instruction and facilitating. There is unquestionably an overlap in skill sets – these kinds of as dynamic delivery capabilities, a great phase presence, a large likeability stage, the skill to “study” the viewers. But while they are comparable expertise, they are not interchangeable. It is really beneficial to check out the dissimilarities among the three procedures, so the trainer or presenter or facilitator appreciates how to accommodate the various predicaments.

Presenting: The aim is to current information and facts in a dynamic, appealing way

Teaching: The objective is, working with partaking shipping, to improve participants’ amount of information or talent

Facilitating: The goal is to handle the composition and target of a team’s determination-producing course of action


Presenting: Viewers can be any dimension

Schooling: Number of members differs, but it can be usually an normal of 10 to 30

Facilitating: Workforce measurement is commonly scaled-down, ordinarily under 10


Presenting: Audience is there to acquire information

Coaching: Contributors are there to find out

Facilitating: Individuals are crew associates who have a popular objective


Presenting: Speech outline creates rational flow of presentation

Training: Training course define creates the finding out construction

Facilitating: Agenda constructions the movement of the conference


Presenting: Presenter is a service provider of data

Teaching: Trainer is a catalyst for learning

Facilitating: Facilitator manages dynamics of group-generated information


Presenting: Presenter mainly answers alternatively than asks concerns

Teaching: Coach asks queries to stimulate and appraise discovering

Facilitating: Facilitator uses concerns to really encourage particular person involvement


Presenting: Visuals are used to present or clarify information and facts

Schooling: Visible aids are made use of to illustrate learning points

Facilitating: Flip chart is applied to history group’s ideas and input.


Presenting: Presenter communicates mainly 1 way from presenter to audience

Schooling: Coach uses involvement so individuals can find out from other folks and keep curiosity

Facilitating: Facilitator manages the approach of conversation that can take spot between crew associates