Regular Eddie Personalities in the Office

“S” variety personalities are the “Continuous Eddie” folks between us that focus on people today fairly than tasks and are generally far more introverted than extroverted. They spot more interest on other folks than on on their own.

These men and women are the types that you can often rely on in any scenario. They strive to you should and get the job done tricky to manage harmony in all scenarios.

These are the Florence Nightengales of this planet, the Barbara Bushes, the Mother Teresas. They adore to assist other folks and operate hard to make a stable ecosystem at work and at property.

Each and every workforce demands to have a person or more S type personalities. They enjoy teamwork and try to build a favourable operate setting wherever anyone is revered and provided. They are very course of action oriented and like to have pre-established processes for all of their perform and not complete get the job done that is in “uncharted territory”.

S’s, like any of the individuality traits, have strengths and weaknesses. I have summarized these features in the adhering to desk


  • Security
  • Fantastic listeners
  • Individual and tolerant
  • Rational
  • Harmony – does not like conflict
  • Carry out continually
  • Helps other folks
  • Develops specialised skills
  • Makes a secure ecosystem

 Required Work Ecosystem

  • In which sincere appreciation is delivered for get the job done done
  • Necessitates process and time to complete work
  • Acceptance
  • Upkeep of setting devoid of change
  • Predictable routines
  • Regular operating procedures
  • Minimum conflict

 Needs Persons Who

  • Tackle unforeseen improve
  • Cope with conflict
  • Are flexible
  • Who can apply tension to other folks when expected

 To be extra powerful

  • Desires appreciation
  • Regularity
  • Clear route
  • Must be conditioned prior to modify takes place
  • Ought to know how his or her exertion contributes
  • Will have to have creativeness encouraged

 Major Strengths

  • Tolerant
  • Individual
  • Loyal
  • Workforce player
  • Trustworthy
  • Supportive
  • Manages repetitive do the job
  • Useful and structured

 Major Constraints

  • Underneath stress can develop into stubborn and not want to negotiate
  • Unexpected adjust
  • Indecisive
  • Oversensitive
  • Retains a grudge
  • Does not like dealing with conflict

 Dealing with S Sorts

  • Provide ample depth
  • Be honest
  • Offer time for conclusions
  • Cut down possibility
  • Allow them know you care for them as people today.

If you are an S kind identity, your biggest challenge is to deal productively with adjust and circumstances requiring swift decisions. Alter and choices that do not drop into pre-present processes can be tense. Perform with your group to deal with and foresee improve and create rules all around determination timing. Make absolutely sure that you give on your own adequate time to think via concerns in advance of you have to make a determination.

If you are controlling an S, be aware of these factors and deliver a reduced conflict function ecosystem total with pre-established processes and techniques. Check out not to put them in a revolutionary type part. Give the S ample time to make choices and pull them into conversations about staff developing.

If you stick to these fundamental suggestions your interaction with S type personalities will be a great deal more exciting and substantially extra productive!

For a lot more facts please refer to the Power Zone web page.